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Tisanes Rooibos and Honeybush

Tisanes Rooibos and Honeybush
"Red Bush" South African Rooibos (pronounced roy-bush), leaves of the Aspalathus Linearis, brew a tisane free of caffeine that provices vitamin C and essential minerals. Honeybush, grown mostly in the Cape region, gets its name from its slightly sweet honey-like taste and is caffeine free.
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Rooibos Orange A-Peel 4oz (114g)

SOLD OUT. We’re pleased to present this new orange Rooibos. Intense orange flavor comes with real orange pieces and orange peel.

Rooibos Raspberry Delight 4oz (114g)

Raspberries and creamy vanilla --like dessert without the calories.

Rooibos Baked Apple 4oz (114g)

Rooibos, sultanas, apple bits, cassia bits, rose blossom leaves, almond, vanilla and flavorings brew a delightful blend that will take you back to your grandmother's famous baked apples.

Cranberry Cream 4oz (114g)

The in-laws just stopped by to surprise you? Don't panic, brew up a pot of delectable Cranberry Cream. Just the right ratio of sweet & tart, and they'll love it that you remembered they're off caffeine.

Rooibos Harvest Moon 4oz. (114g)

Our customers really do know best. You asked for a pumpkin rooibos, we now have one and it is delicious! Creamy and rich, with just the right amount of pumpkin pie spices. If autumn is your favorite season, you can experience it any time you brew this aromatic & healthful tisane.

Rooibos Red Bush 4oz (114g)

South African Rooibos (pronounced roy-bus),leaves of the Aspalanthus Linearis, brew a red tea free of caffeine and provide vitamin C and essential minerals.

Rooibos Valencia Almond   4oz (114g)

A nutty caffeine-free Rooibos packed with flavor.

Rooibos Mango Tango 4oz (114g)

Dreaming of winning the big mirror ball trophy for your Latin dancing? This blend of rooibos with pineapple, orange, papaya and mango will get you out on the floor.

Rooibos Chai 4oz (114g)

Spice up your life with cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves in Rooibos.

Rooibos Vanilla Mist 4oz (114g)

Smooth vanilla gives this full-bodied Rooibos a rich, creamy, slightly sweet taste.

Honeybush Chocolate Torte 4oz (114g)

Almost like a dessert at Hot Chocolate in Chicago. Lively sweet chocolaty cake aroma with a few rosebuds.

Rooibos Blueberry 4oz (114g)

The robust flavor of Rooibos paired with real, wild blueberries.

Rooibos African Jewel 4oz (114g)

Lightly scented with marigold, linden and rose. This blend is one of our most popular.