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Flavored Green Teas
Wonderful green tea blends. Fresh green teas from China and Japan blended with aromatic flowers, fruits, and berries to delight your tea drinking time.
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Blue Horizon 4oz (114g)

Change is good! Oolong blended with green tea gives this tea a full body and full flavor. The aroma is heavenly but it's the taste; red currant, cornflower blossoms and sunflower that's the real treat.
It's time for dessert. Some of the family go for the apple pie, but I have a craving for something sweet & savory & drinkable! Warm, exotic flavors of cinnamon and chocolate in healthy green tea. White chocolate stars added just for fun. Ingredients listed in details.
It's a misty morning on the Cape. Grabbed a sweater and headed down to the pond with my favorite cup of Cranberry Dragon's Eye. Bright, tangy taste of cranberry in a green tea - perfect.

Ginger Jamboree 4oz (114g)

It's a taste celebration! Green tea perked up with ginger, lemon, and lemongrass. Green tea, ginger bits, lemon peel, lemongrass and natural citrus flavors.
Aww nuts! Big pieces of walnuts blended with almonds and hazelnuts in green tea. Try some and make your heart happy.

Morning Dew 4oz (114g)

Simple and pure--Japanese Sencha green tea with a hint of rose, cornflower, and sunflower. Refreshing in the cold of winter and a thirst quencher served on ice in the summer. A must-have for your tea cupboard! Our customers' most-loved green tea.

Strawberry Bolero  4oz (114g)

Hear the castanets and guitar. This green tea will transport you to the Spanish Days of old with its flavorful orange wedges, and strawberry slices. Ole!

Citrus Burst 4oz (114g)

Lemon and orange pieces, sunflower blossoms give a real zing to this green tea. Look out for the flavor, it will grab you. 4oz (114g) Allergy advice: contains wheat products

Pomegranate Indigo 4oz (114g)

Gojiberries and pomegranates are becoming known as superfoods. Combine them with green tea and you have a very tasty beverage. It has quickly become a customer favorite.

Gingerumpus 4oz (114g)

Just two ingredients: gunpowder green tea from China and dried ginger. So simple, so good for you, so refreshing.

Sweet Berry Jazz 4oz (114g)

Fusion in your cup. Japanese Sencha mixed with currants, black currants, dwarf elderberries, raspberry and strawberry bits.

Moroccan Mint 4oz (114g)

This Moroccan-styled green tea with peppermint offers a cooling, tummy-pleasing taste. It is as enjoyable cold as it is hot.

Marrakech 4oz (114g)

On a rainy cold February afternoon in London, we popped into Penny's favorite Moroccan tea bar. The tables were low, conversations loud, and the steaming cups of mint tea were very warming. Our combination has green tea with mint and bergamot.

Double Mint Green 4oz (114g)

Spearmint and peppermint double up with Chinese Gunpowder green tea to envelope you with mint.

Leslie's Green Chai 4oz (114g)

Leslie was the inspiration for this popular, balanced blend of green tea (Chinese Gunpowder) with crushed cardamom pods, rich cinnamon, and aromatic cloves.

Strawberry and Roses 4oz (114g)

Green tea blended extravagantly with strawberries and roses. Fruit and floral flavors that are meant for each other.

Pink Kashmiri Chai 4oz (114g)

The tea had to be pink for a local theaters production of Unveiled. So in addition to the usual ginger, cloves, and cardamom, we added hibiscusgives it a little zing and a little pink.

Japanese Cherry 4oz (114g)

Japanese Sencha green tea with cherry flavoring and even a cherry here and there. Very Zen.

Waikiki Beach 4oz (114g)

Excellent Japanese green tea with pineapple. A drink to conjure silken sands.

Purple Rain 4oz (114g)

Surprise! Grape lollipop in your cup. A fine grade of Japanese Sencha green tea with pieces of dried cranberry, dried raspberry chips, blue mallow flower, and natural oils produce the aroma of Concord grapes. A youthful healthy drink over ice.

Green Tea with Lemon and Hibiscus 4oz (114g)

Very lemony and floral - nothing subtle about this tea. Much loved by some of our most discriminating tea customers.

Sweet Berry Jazz Decaf 4oz (114g)

Very Popular Sweet Berry Jazz in decaf Fusion in your cup. CO2 decaffeinated Sencha mixed with currants, black currants, dwarf elderberries, raspberry and strawberry bits.

Razzamatazz 2oz (57g)

Green tea blend with rosehips, raspberries and natural flavors. Comes in a 4-pouch pack ready for hot or cold brewing. Each pouch makes a 1/2 gallon of tea.

Citrus Safari 2oz (57g)

Green tea and rooibos blend with lemongrass, rosehips and natural flavors. Tastes just like a creamy lemon meringue! Comes in a 4-pouch pack ready for hot or cold brewing. Each pouch makes a 1/2 gallon of tea.