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Banana Bonanza 4oz (114g)

NEW! A drinkable banana split! It's caffeine-free so have as much as you like.

Brownie Bliss 4oz (114g)

NEW! You deserve some "me time" and tonight's the night. Give yourself a Valentine with this chocolate delight.

Choco Coco Rumba 4oz (114g)

NEW! Love Dancing with the Stars? Chocolate & coconut are hot hot hot! Pu-Erh from China with creamy cocoa nibs and coconut pieces. This one might just win the competition.

Cinnamon Choco Star 4oz (114g)

It's time for dessert. Some of the family go for the apple pie, but I have a craving for something sweet & savory & drinkable! Warm, exotic flavors of cinnamon and chocolate in healthy green tea. White chocolate stars added just for fun. Ingredients listed in details.

Coconut Creme Chateau 4oz (114g)

NEW! Fluffy white tea with silky coconut, as light as the air up there in your French castle.

Cool Air Pear 4oz (114g)

NEW! Perfect for sipping over ice on an August evening. No worries about getting some shut-eye, it's caffeine free.

Cranberry Cream 4oz (114g)

NEW! The in-laws just stopped by to surprise you? Don't panic, brew up a pot of delectable Cranberry Cream. Just the right ratio of sweet & tart, and they'll love it that you remembered they're off caffeine.

Cranberry Dragon's Eye 4oz (114g)

It's a misty morning on the Cape. Grabbed a sweater and headed down to the pond with my favorite cup of Cranberry Dragon's Eye. Bright, tangy taste of cranberry in a green tea - perfect.

Fruity Fiesta 4oz (114g)

Chili gives a subtly spicy undertone to this apple, hibiscus blend with lemongrass, orange wedges, cranberry bits, flavoring and tartaric acid. We're very excited about this new herbal!

Ginger Jamboree 4oz (114g)

It's a taste celebration! Green tea perked up with ginger, lemon, and lemongrass. Green tea, ginger bits, lemon peel, lemongrass and natural citrus flavors.

Go Nuts Maple 4oz (114g)

Aww nuts! Big pieces of walnuts blended with almonds and hazelnuts in green tea. Try some and make your heart happy.

Honey Jia Long Aged 2012 4oz (114g)

Unique oolong from Taiwan with a deep honey fragrance and a sweet, rich taste. Almost fully oxidized leaves produce a dark golden colored liquor. Aged at least 2 years to produce the honey notes.

Lu Shan Clouds and Mist King's Grade 4oz(114g)

Fantastic! Vegetive, rich, particles in brew like a high quality Japan Green. A very enjoyable meal in a cup! the best of our Lu Shan Clouds and Mists.

Peacherino 4oz (114g)

A unique blend of apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, peach, apricot, orange peels, rose hip peels and flavorings.

Phoenix Almond Gongfu Red 1oz (28g)

Fully oxidized, this tea is a perfect marriage of an oolong and a red tea. Liquor-like, with notes of caramel. Made by the top artisan on the top of Wudong, Phoenix Mountain from the Phoenix Almond varietal trees. Note: one ounce.
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