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New Teas

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Winey Sessa Estate artfully blended with best selling Gilapukri Estate. Wonderful combination for a new Assam treat.
Oolong. Roasted stems that reminds one of crème brûlée when brewed, flame to sugar. Just plain fun. Taiwan.
NEW Fruit tisne. Treat yourself to a healthy SweeTart! Sweet, luscious coconut meets tart cranberry. Very tasty combination. Fruity and delightful with the coconut addition. A new customer favorite. Allergy warning contains tree nuts.
NEW. Great Darjeeling. More to muscat notes than floral, but some floral. Lingering aftertaste. Love the way 20 minutes later and if you think about it, aroma is still with you. So characteristic of a good Darjeeling.
NEW. From our most popular Darjeeling estate. The II flushes are always just a little more formal, a little more dignified than the I flushes. They don't show everything they have at once. You expect to get more acquainted with every sip. More floral than the Castleton.
Slightly more astringent than our other II Flushes this year, a very desireable characteristic. Teas from the Castleton Estate usually reveal themselves a little slower than the others. Staff is enjoying this great tea.
Charming black tea from the Sessa Estate, many golden tips (unopened bud leaves) and very winey.
NEW black tea. Hard to put this tea in a category. Can be brewed Chinese style with 3 grams to 6oz of water for 30 seconds at 205 degrees or the way we do other black teas, 1.1 g per 6oz for 4 minutes at 212 degrees. Chinese way gives multiple infusions. First year we have been able to get this tea. Leaves are young buds, that are fully oxidized. Rich malty brew with hints of chocolate. Meticulously hand processed. Changes in wonderful ways as it cools. A rare find. China.
NEW. Small size of above tea. Something to experience.
NEW. China green tea. Hand-harvested, single plucking tea picked early in the spring. A sweet aroma greets you as you open the bag and see the beautifully hand-twisted, mostly unopened bud leaves. The brew is bright and lively at first, then soft and sweet and finishes somewhat nutty.
NEW oolong tea. Honeysuckle fragrance, floral, sweet, smooth, the staff fell in love with this tea when we cupped it. "Gorgeous" a staff person used to describe it and the price is right too. Enjoyable all day.
NEW China oolong. Large dark leaves brew a cup with a little mystery and a lot of flavor.
NEW. The oolongs that we offer are very special teas. They are usually made in small batches by a highly skilled tea artisan who has been perfecting his technique for years. The aroma is intense, considering nothing has been added to the tea, and varies from one to another. This particular one has an orchid aroma and is delicate as well as intense. Beautiful tea. China.
NEW China oolong. Amazing fragrance in the dry and wet leaf. Light stonefruit aroma carries into brewed tea. Amazing tea.
NEW fruit tisane. Engage your creativity with this beautiful medley of yummy dried fruits. True peach flavor enhanced by tropical fruits.