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Fruity Fiesta 4oz (114g)

Chili gives a subtly spicy undertone to this apple, hibiscus blend with lemongrass, orange wedges, cranberry bits, flavoring and tartaric acid. We're very excited about this new herbal!

Ginger Dream  4oz (114g)

The ginger adds a little spice to this rich black tea. A great choice for spicing up your day. Black tea blend with ginger bits, sunflower blossoms and flavoring.

Ginger Jamboree 4oz (114g)

It's a taste celebration! Green tea perked up with ginger, lemon, and lemongrass. Green tea, ginger bits, lemon peel, lemongrass and natural citrus flavors.

Ginger Pear 4oz (114g)

Pear and papaya bits are blended with ginger, pink pepper kernels and flavoring rose blossom leaves to create this zestful herbal.
Aww nuts! Big pieces of walnuts blended with almonds and hazelnuts in green tea. Try some and make your heart happy.

Happy Goji Lucky 4oz (114g)

White tea and goji berries, both sources of antioxidants combine in this delightful light, fruity blend. White tea, green tea, papaya, pineapple, goji berries, cranberry, kiwi and flavoring.

Peacherino 4oz (114g)

A unique blend of apple bits, hibiscus blossoms, peach, apricot, orange peels, rose hip peels and flavorings.
The Chinese have hailed Pu Erh for centuries as an aid to digestion. The large-leafed tea trees in Yunnan are closely related to the ancient tea plant of preglacial times. Black tea with lemon peel, orange slices, and lime.

Rooibos Baked Apple 4oz (114g)

Rooibos, sultanas, apple bits, cassia bits, rose blossom leaves, almond, vanilla and flavorings brew a delightful blend that will take you back to your grandmother's famous baked apples.

Sweet Temptation 4oz (114g)

A naturally sweet herbal with apple, pineapple, ginger tartaric acid, lemon peel, lemongrass and natural flavoring.

Tiki Lime Refresher

A refreshing herbal blend with lime peel, bamboo leaves, melissa leaves, blackberry leaves, sunflower blossoms and crisped mint leaves.