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Moonlight White 4oz (114g)

The name sounds rather exotic and indeed it is. The tea leaves are plucked and gently withered, no shaping or oxidation used to process this tea. The brew has a slight floral aroma and an element of sweetness. A very special treat.

Butterscotch Blondie 4oz (114g)

Flavored white tea that tastes and smells like real butterscotch. Perfect after dinner or any time you have a craving for something sweet. White tea, cinnamon, pink peppercorns, marigolds, and natural flavors. Allergy Advice: Contains nut products
2oz size.

Goji Zing 4oz (114g)

White tea with a little punch. Raw goji berries, lemon myrtle, and flower blossoms hand blended with white tea make a pleasing combo.

Happy Goji Lucky 4oz (114g)

White tea and goji berries, both sources of antioxidants combine in this delightful light, fruity blend. White tea, green tea, papaya, pineapple, goji berries, cranberry, kiwi and flavoring.

Snow Buds Special 4oz (114g)

Even better than last year's! This tea is very light and bright, with a fresh green taste.
Pleasant aroma and more strength than the silver needles. Enjoyable all day. This tea includes air-dried leaves and buds.

Silver Needles 4oz (114g)

Fabulous. Delicate long unopened bud leaves covered with whitish hairs. In the spring when the days turn warm and the tea bush starts to grow, these slender long buds were picked just before they opened. Mellow sweet taste. Out of stock.

Silver Needles Supreme 4oz (114g)

Long slender, down-covered buds brew delicate and light. A good tea to drink when you can sit and reflect.
NEW! Fluffy white tea with silky coconut, as light as the air up there in your French castle.

Champagne Raspberry 4oz (114g)

Any small victory in your day, calls for this celebratory white tea with natural raspberry and champagne flavorings and safflowers. The aroma is intriguing-a sublime treat

Silver Needles with Jasmine 4oz (114g)

Elegant bud leaves (silver needles) of white tea are scented with a subtle jasmine aroma. A tea to try at daybreak, when jasmine flowers are at their fragrant peak.

Peachy Keen 4oz (114g)

Peach and jasmine flavored white tea with orange and tangerine oils.

Pina Colada White Tea 4oz (114g)

Healthful white tea flavored with shredded coconut, pineapple bits, and flavoring. Casts a spell of relaxation, beaches, pool sides, good books, and time for you.

Northern Lights 4oz (114g)

A unique blend of delicate white tea and hearty winter flavors-orange, almond, rose, cinnamon, and more. Warm up with this tea on a chilly holiday afternoon when you are celebrating the season.
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